What are some examples of social justice

What are some examples of social justice?

The list of social justice issues goes on and on, even tho some of those problems are being worked on. How do you know that you don’t have a social justice problem? Social justice exists when people don’t feel a lack of human rights on a daily basis and when those rights are equally applied for everyone. It can’t be achieved without human rights, access, participation, and equity.

Let’s take a look at some of the main points in social justice issues.

Racial Equality

Racial equality is a burning problem that people of different races have fought for centuries now. You would say that humans have evolved enough to overcome this problem but the case of George Floyd and many more have shown that these issues are happening. Police reforms, education, raising awareness, and addressing systemic racism are some of the solutions that are in progress.

Gender equality remains the problem since women across the globe face different models of abuse, discrimination and still need to fight for the same rights as men. Even in the countries with the best situation women struggle with some sort of gender inequality.


LGBTQ+ rights are still jeopardized as well as the lives of individuals who are parts of these groups. In many countries marriages and adoption are not allowed for these people. The even bigger problem is the fact that they are constantly endangered since people tend to show violence towards them. The life in which you don’t feel safe on a daily basis doesn’t look like social justice.

Healthcare is not provided for everyone. Although there are countries that offer free healthcare for all people, in most parts of the world, money determines if you’ll receive health care or not. This results in social stratification, which clearly isn’t social justice. People dying and remaining sick, without proper medicine, is a burning issue of modern society that needs to be worked on.

The refugee crisis refers to different rights and social treatment for refugees and a lack of a system that actually helps these people.

The income Gap is not the one that people talk much about until it happens to them. This pay disparity can be based on race, gender, sexuality, or some or all of them combined. Many people face this daily and have to put up with it while this issue doesn’t seem like one of the priorities to the people in power.

The hunger problem is often linked to the problem of African families but this problem exists in almost all countries. Food insecurity and hunger are regular parts of society doily. Not knowing if you will have something to eat, whilst this is the main biological need, is terrifying. The world that doesn’t have this issue fixed is a big humanity problem.

Based on all the previously mentioned issues, equality seems like a unicorn story. Rarely, almost never seen, especially for women, LGBTQ+, all rases, poor people, etc. The good news is that some of these issues are being worked on and we hope to see a happy epilog.