What is an example of gender equality

What is an example of gender equality?

Gender equality is rare but it does exist sometimes. This is most common in highly aware environments that are working on making the social situations better for women. Environments like this include men and women supportive of each other and constantly trying to create a respectful space for both men and women.
This means that everyone is treated the same, no matter what their gender is. This applies to basic human rights like freedom of speech, deciding on their body choices, freedom of movement, etc.

In sense of employment, gender equality means that men and women are paid the same for the same job, that they work the same number of hours, are not victims of mobbing, are not sexually harassed, are taken into the account for job positions equally and based on their knowledge and experience instead of gender. It also means that they can both have paid leave when the baby is born, that they work the same over hours. They would get completely the same opportunities to make progress and prosper. No jobs would be reserved just for men and denied the women the chance to do those jobs.
Gender equality also means the same rights for education, protection at school, same opportunities, and no gender-based favorization. When genders are treated equally, expectations are the same for all genders, no one is considered less smart, less capable, and less competent for some task based on gender.

As man are not forced into marriage women would also not be in an environment that nurtures gender equality. In that environment, men wouldn’t be labeled as physical strength carriers, and they could get paternity leave. Women would not be considered as house cleaners and children takers, while men are simply providers. Both men and women provide and take care of children and house if they choose to, in a gender-equal world.

Gender Equality Framework Programme

The perfect example of gender equality in the State of Berlin with its Gender Equality Framework Programme. Their program enforces the same power for men and women in determining and shaping the aspects of the community. That includes political, economic, cultural, and social aspects. The program also demands that men and women are equally empowered and self-directed throughout life. They initiated equal pay systems, retirement pays, and equal access to the employment market.

Shared equitably in the household chores, children raising, and caring for other family members are also new standards. State resources are accessible to both men and women equally. This is just the part of their reform through this program and you can learn more about it here.

Gender Equality Achievable

Gender equality is achievable, as this example confirms, but both individuals and states need to express the need and desire to change the playground rules. It’s not an easy fight considering the history but we are living now and our jobs are to let go of old patriarchal ways and create new, suitable to evolved men and women living in modern times.